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Features of Purkeys’ new AWARE audio interface management system

Purkeys recently released their AWARE™ (an audio interface management system), which connects with the speaker system in a truck’s cab to wirelessly route messages from the telematics alert system through the speakers. In addition to the AWARE exhibiting features like wireless connection and plug-and-play installation, it also has several behind-the-scenes features that contribute to its effectiveness in making sure that drivers receive their messages loud and clear. 


  • Allows for hands-free phone operation with any common 3.5 mm mono microphone and supported smart phone or tablet.
  • Functions independently of the radio. This means that if the radio is on, the AWARE takes priority and plays its message instead of the radio. If the radio is turned off, the message is still transmitted through the truck speakers.
  • Uses a high-quality audio streamt to project the best sound possible, the AWARE uses an audio distribution profile that allows it to transmit a high-quality audio stream, rather than the typical low-quality one.
  • Includes a built-in low power class D amplifier.
  • Features low distortion audio switching. When switching from one audio source to another (for example, changing from the radio to the message being received through the telematics system), there is no sound distortion during the transition.