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Toter launches mobile automated waste cart lifter designed to fit through standard door width

Toter®, a Wastequip® brand, and manufacturer of products used in the collection of waste, recycling and organics, recently launched the 3069-MT-2000, a fully mobile automated waste cart lifter designed to fit through a standard 32 inch door frame.  Lightweight, easy to maneuver and featuring four sturdy total lock 6” swivel casters for added stability, the new lifter will make janitorial operations easier and safer.

The MT-2000 was purpose-built with the needs of jan/san and facility professionals in mind and suitable for use in a wide range of facilities, from schools and hospitals to offices and hotels. Weighing only 550 pounds but offering a load rating of 350 pounds, the lifter is compatible for use with an ANSI standard 32-, 48- or 96- gallon caster or 2-wheel carts.

With a dump height of 46.5 inches, the MT-2000 automates the dumping process in each room, increasing the productivity and efficiency of cleaning crews. More importantly, the lifter addresses mounting industry concerns over workplace related injuries and liability. Studies have shown that the jan/san industry has one of the highest rates of repetitive stress and back injuries of any profession.  These injuries result in not only pain and suffering for workers but increased workers’ compensation claims, lost time and higher out-of-pocket costs for employers. By allowing workers to eliminate heavy lifting and repetitive loading movements in any room they enter, the cleaning process is made faster and safer.

The MT-2000 is powered by a 12V Power battery and comes with an onboard 110V 20A quick-charge battery charger. Featuring a 6-foot corded pendant with push button controls, the MT-2000 is built-to-order to meet clients’ specific needs, including the addition of safety cages, palm control buttons, safety light curtains or sirens, as required.

“Combining safety, portability, efficiency and affordability, the new MT-2000 represents the future of the industry,” said Jeniffer Coates, director of product development and warranty, Toter.  “Toter has the unique ability to customize a lifter to fit any application or safety requirement, and, because of the positive impact they have on the bottom line, they are a great investment for any facility.”

Available now, the MT-2000 will be debuted at the upcoming ISSA show.  Media and attendees are encouraged to stop by the Toter booth (511) for a demonstration and talk to product experts.  A video overview of Toter’s lifter products can be found on the Toter YouTube channel, and more information can be found at