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December 2017
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Introducing the Slim-Fit™: A breakthrough in stainless steel, tool-less, hygienic product transfer conveyors

The need for a quality, yet affordable, pre-engineered, hygienic washdown system was the driving force in the design of the Slim-Fit by Multi-Conveyor. The tool-less pin-pull approach allows the operator to remove the belt in mere seconds for routine maintenance. 

  • Simply pull the two end pins
    - Lift up the end pulley
    - Lay the pulley on the frame or remove it completely
    - Slide the belt off
    - Clean, maintenance or make changes as necessary
    - Slide the belt back on
    - Line up the V-Guide on the pulley
    - Double check the belt is lined up with the V-guide
    - Reinstall the pins
    - Voila!

What makes the Slim-Fit different than similar products on the market?

  • Center drive and center take-up
  • The strategically placed center drive design keeps balance in the system and uniform depth or width on each conveyor end to fit in tight or smaller spaces.
  • Simplified motor options
  • V-guided end pulley
  • Adjustable height from 30" - 48"
  • Optional casters
  • Easy to remove transfer plate
  • Mirror looking stainless steel finish (#8)
  • The flip-up end tail maintains tension and tracking - even during maintenance.
  • and quick delivery!

The tool-less belt removal and washdown stainless steel frame are essential in hygienic food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. 

Slim-Fit, soon to be the industry standard, can be used in tight or narrow spaces for virtually endless product shapes and sizes.