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March 2018
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New vertical drop lifter

Handling Specialty creates custom lifts in multiple styles and capacities. This mast style belt lift was engineered to transfer an automotive chassis from a fixed height conveyor, raising or lowering its elevation, where the chassis continues on its path through the factory, via another fixed height conveyor system.

Designed with redundant safety systems and multiple belts, this mast style belt lift was engineered to reduce deflection, ensure level and accurate positioning, support cantilevered loads, and offer high-duty cycles. The mast structure supports the lift carriage, while the drive train employs a belt equalization system, operated by an electro-mechanical motor with lock-position actuators. The vertical drop lifter also offers an OSHA compliant upper level personnel access platform and floor mounted devices for ease of access during planned maintenance.

The robust Handling Specialty design allows for stable elevation changes when raising or lowering a load, lube for life components - to lessen lubrication requirements, while the interface-ready controls offer the ability to position the lift carriage at any height for future considerations.

This mast style belt lift was designed to meet the specific applications and end-user requirements for the automotive industry, but could easily be applied to multiple industries which require their new or existing conveyor system to link up with equipment engineered to seamlessly connect a conveyor from one elevation to another.

Handling’s field technicians are available to assist in the set-up, installation, and integration of your mast style belt lift, and will train your personnel in the operation and maintenance of the unit(s).