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March 2018
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Adrian’s Safety Solutions ensures flue space compliance

Adrian’s Safety Solutions’ new line of pallet rack safety products ensure warehouse compliance with fire protection standards in the United States. The Rack Safety Strap, designed to mount to the back of the storage rack, prevents large and palletized items from pushing into the longitudinal flue space.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the longitudinal flue space, which is the vertical area between storage racks, must remain clear at all times. This allows heat from a fire to vent upward and ceiling fire sprinklers to work effectively. The Rack Safety Strap and Rack Safety Net help maintain a clear flue space, as well as prevent inventory from being pushed through into an adjacent rack or open work area, potentially causing injury.

“Flue space compliance is becoming an important issue in ensuring the safety of warehouses,” said Steve Dew, president of Adrian’s. “Safety incidents, such as when a pallet gets pushed through to the adjacent bay, often prompt customers to look for better rack safety systems, and that’s when they call us.”

Insurers for warehouses, manufacturing and retail companies are increasingly requiring flue space compliance measures to prevent fires and worker injury. According to Dew, the Rack Safety Strap and Rack Safety Net, which provide full top-to-bottom coverage of the back of the rack, install in seconds by attaching to the rack upright.

 “We’ve found we can save customers 50% or more on product alone, plus the installation takes a fraction of the time versus traditional netting or beam products,” said Dew. “We designed our products to be easy to install and less expensive than other systems to ensure companies can benefit their bottom line while keeping their employees and inventory safe.”