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Kinedyne reengineers Kaptive beam decking system

Kinedyne LLC, manufacturer and distributor of cargo control products for the transportation industry, redesigned the head assembly trigger mechanism and beam adjustment tool for its Kaptive Beam Decking System.

Kinedyne’s Kaptive Beam Decking System enables fleets to increase their profits, by increasing trailer load capacities by as much as 50 percent. With Kaptive Beam, fleets can immediately reduce run schedules and the number of tractors, trailers and drivers required to move freight, all while significantly improving the capacity of every load a fleet moves.

“Through research, field testing and a focus on continuous improvement, we’ve made the Kaptive Beam Decking System even better,” Paul Wolford, vice president of sales and marketing for Kinedyne LLC, said. “With the new high-performance head assembly trigger mechanism, beam adjustment tool and Train the Trainer Program, users will find our system more valuable than ever.”

The new head assembly trigger profile interfaces with the revised, grooved head design of the beam adjustment tool, making the system’s operation much more smooth and efficient. The trigger now features an angled lip that enables the beam adjustment tool to make a more secure connection, making locking, unlocking and adjustment of beam height easier.

The system’s foot and guide shoe components are made of rugged anodized aluminum, and the locking pawl is made of steel. Head assemblies with the new high-performance locking trigger design can be purchased separately and can replace existing head assemblies on any older K2 model Kaptive Beam Decking System.

The beam adjustment tool has also been lengthened to 54 inches and now comes with a convenient storage mounting bracket. The tool is used to raise and lower the individual beams and is designed to enable the user to reach and manipulate the beams whether they are already deployed or stored at the ceiling height of the trailers they serve.

Kinedyne currently offers a service to all existing and prospective Kaptive Beam customers to help accurately assess needs before purchase and to assure maximum ROI after purchase. The Kinedyne Solutions Team, a group within the Kinedyne organization, is now offering a Train the Trainer Program for fleets that purchase the Kaptive Beam Decking System.

Kinedyne’s Train the Trainer Program is designed to provide a fleet’s employees with all the necessary skills and values to ensure compliance with operating guidelines. The program is also structured to lower recurring maintenance costs, improve employee confidence in the Kaptive Beam investment and help fleets net a higher yield from all the benefits of the system.