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Caster Connection announces brand refresh as company turns 30
Caster Connection, manufacturer and distributor of casters, wheels, and other mobility solutions, is launching a bold brand refresh in January, 2017, as the company marks 30 years in business.   Caster Connection's internal marketing team developed a more distinct, consistent, and timeless look and feel in order to better communicate Caster Connection's values, while also working to increase brand recognition. Elements of this brand refresh will extend to the branding of Caster Connection's product lines in order to provide more cohesion for all aspects of the company's marketing efforts.   The components of the new logo more aptly display meaning for the brand: the wordmark conveys a strong, confident message, while the icon communicates movement and creates visual interest. The massive success of Caster Connection's flagship CC Apex line of casters and wheels over the last several years has led to the CC Apex's trademark orange color becoming the primary color to represent the Caster Connection brand.   Though there are numerous aesthetic updates to the company's look, Caster Connection's tagline "Keeping Business in Motion" is pushed more to the forefront as the company looks to promote what is at the heart of its business: providing proper mobility solutions to its clients.   "Our goal in this brand refresh process has been to develop an enduring and cohesive brand experience that will further distinguish Caster Connection from the rest of our industry," says Jeremy King, Caster Connection's Marketing Manager. "In working to communicate a singular message about our brand, we reflected on Caster Connection's 30-year journey, and focused on what we hope to provide accomplish and provide for our clients in year 31 and beyond."   Throughout 2017, Caster Connection will introduce new packaging and signage to reflect its brand refresh elements. The updated look and feel will be phased into other areas as well, with a completion goal of June, 2017