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EnerSys® redefines high frequency fast charging with Express®EnCore™ modular chargers

EnerSys®, provider of stored energy solutions for industrial applications, recently expanded its charger product portfolio to include new Express®EnCore™ high frequency modular fast chargers.

Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers are engineered with the latest digital power control technology that allows batteries designed for fast charging to be safely charged anytime during the shift-day. With high charge rates, most two-shift and some two- to three-shift operations can avoid changing batteries during the shift-day. Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers offer intelligent charging with high efficiency and flexibility, while packaged in one of the industry’s most compact sizes.

The modular construction adapts to a wide range of battery capacities, allowing potential reduction of the number of chargers in a fleet. Charger modules are automatically switched off and on based on charge cycle requirements in order to achieve optimum charging performance and maintain peak efficiency at all times. Should a module develop a minor fault, the charger bypasses the module for continued operation and continuation of the charging process without interruption.

Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers utilize the exclusive EnerSys Express® Fast IONIC™ charge profile to continually diagnose battery condition throughout the charging process for the most effective and efficient charge possible. In addition, this charging profile’s use of short diagnostic current pulses act to shorten the full charge time by effectively mixing the electrolyte in less time.

The new Express® EnCore™ modular fast charger product portfolio includes premium three-phase, dual-port model which offers the space saving benefit of two chargers in one cabinet. Express® EnCore™ chargers are equipped with an easy-to-read 4.3” multi-color LCD dashboard screen, easy to use programmable menu and USB port to download, upload and record charger data. Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers are UL 1564 listed and comply with the California Energy Commission (CEC) appliance efficiency standards.

“Express® EnCore™ modular fast chargers redefine efficiency and flexibility and add to the wide range of charging solutions in the EnerSys product portfolio,” says Steve Spaar, marketing director Americas for EnerSys. “The fast charging profile allows for the highest level of efficiency, and allows drivers to simply drive up and plug in during work breaks, keeping batteries charged to keep operations moving for maximum productivity.”