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What to do right now to instantly get _____ results 
Art Sobczak
Art Sobczak

A new sales rep joined a company in an industry he had never sold to before. Within two months he was kicking major butt and became the number one rep. By a lot.

A few of the disgruntled and jealous reps who had been there for a couple of years –all of whom consistently hovered at their monthly quota lines--were in the break room complaining about the young stud’s success.

“I don’t know how he’s doing it. He doesn’t have the product knowledge I do,” said one.

Another chimed in: “Yeah, and I know he doesn’t have as much talk time as I do.” Another: “And he can’t be making as many calls as I do. I leave voice mails all day, and send out tons of emails.”

The rep who sits in the cubicle next to the top performer offered an observation: "I hear his calls. He’s going to the top level of the companies we’re selling to, and selling bigger deals."

One rep responded, "How does he sell to those people? I always get stalled at the mid-management level?" The neighbor replied, "He doesn’t know that it is even possible to talk to mid-managers and sell our product. In his training the new trainer told him that the only people he can talk to are those at the highest level, and that bigger deals are all that we sell."

Hmmm. Pretty simple point I have for you, but one that is time-tested: All that limits us is ourselves, and thinking and acting BIG gets BIG results.

Here are some thoughts along those lines:

·  It takes just as much energy to ask for a large order as it does a small one. As long as you’re asking anyway, why not ask LARGE? 

·  When you EXPECT to sell large, that notion becomes part of you; your thoughts, your actions, and your results. 

·  Even when you don’t get the large sale or project you ask for, you will probably end with something more than you would have gotten otherwise if you had thought small.

·  The pros with the highest average orders, and the most overall sales are typically the ones who shoot for–and ask for–the biggest sales. The math works on this.

·  Where you target in the organization usually determines the size of the sale you’re able to get. Where are you calling? Aim high.

·  Percy Ross wrote a syndicated newspaper column, "Thanks a Million," where he gave away millions of dollars to people who wrote in, and ASKED in the right way. In his now out-of-print book, "Ask for the Moon–and Get It!" he also suggested asking large:

"Take a chance; ask for something big! Most of us have a tendency to shy away from the things we want the most. What is it your heart desires? What is it you want the most? Who could give it to you or make it come true? Go ahead, ASK THEM!"

·  John F. Kennedy said that "Only those who dare to fail greatly will succeed greatly." He practiced what he preached; he asked for the moon, got it approved by Congress, and received commitment from the thousands of people who ultimately made it happen in 1969.

·  Size DOES matter…as it relates to your thinking and subsequent action. Think and act BIG, and your results will follow.

Continue making it your best week ever!

Art Sobczak helps sales pros prospect, sell and service accounts more effectively by using conversationally, non-sales messaging, and without “rejection.” Get a free ebook of 501 telephone sales tips at Email editorial to contact Art.