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Purkeys partners with AutoMeter

Purkeys, a company focused on providing electrical solutions for the heavy-duty truckingindustry, has announced a new partnership with AutoMeter, the leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty electrical system testing equipment and battery maintenance products.

"We are thrilled to be able to take our partnership with Purkeys to the next level,” said Scott Crerar, VP of Sales and Marketing for AutoMeter. “They are a proven leader in the heavy-duty market and their experience only serves to strengthen AutoMeter’s category leadership.”

Purkeys and AutoMeter are working together to supply fleets and technicians with the necessary tools to properly and quickly diagnose and repair electrical issues.

“We are excited about this new relationship with AutoMeter, which completes our full line of Purkeys branded tools and equipment,” said Travis Atkinson, Purkeys Director of Sales and Service. “Purkeys is extremely proud to be recognized asindustry experts. Our products are simple to use, extremely accurate, and offer the highest level of performance in the industry.”

The products available through this partnership are:

Handheld Electrical Analyzer

Purkeys’/AutoMeter Handheld Electrical Analyzer is an automated tester that guides technicians through a series of tests for heavy-duty electrical systems.

Benchtop Electrical Analyzer

Purkeys’/AutoMeter Benchtop Electrical Analyzer is an automated tester that reduces the time and effort needed to identify and troubleshoot electrical issues. It can conduct preventative maintenance checks, voltage drop tests, battery tests, and more.

6-Station Battery Charger

Purkeys’/AutoMeter 6-Station Battery Charger is a multi-station, automatic, 5 amp battery charger for AGM batteries.