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PathGuide and QubeVu Power Cascade Orthopedic Supply’s win at PARCEL Forum 2016

PathGuide Technologies, provider of warehouse management systems (WMS) for industrial and retail distributors, together with QubeVu, a dimensioning systems provider, announced that their customer,Cascade Orthopedic Supply, has won PARCEL Forum’s 2016 Game Changer of the Year Award.

This award recognizes a company for its successful implementation of a significant innovation that resulted in measurable savings, enhanced productivity and other benefits to improve shipping or distribution operations. Cascade Orthopedic was chosen for its successful deployment of PathGuide’s Latitude Manifest and Shipping System together with QubeVu's dimensioning solution.

“QubeVu offers the most advanced technology in the dimensioning market today,” said Kim Karvonen, sales manager at QubeVu. “Our solution provides certified dimensions of any object, regardless of shape. Together with PathGuide, we’ve deployed a system at Cascade that seamlessly handles irregularly-shaped items, helps to lower shipping costs and provides online customers transparency into stock availability and shipping costs. This has literally been a game changer for Cascade’s business.”

“Latitude WMS was designed from the ground up to be compatible with a host of ERP platforms and other vendor solutions like QubeVu,” said Mark Van Leeuwen, regional sales manager at PathGuide. “In addition to helping Cascade reduce shipping costs,this feature-rich combination has helped the company optimize warehouse space while maintaining a 97 percent same-day shipping rate. We’re very pleased that Cascade has been recognized for its innovative and comprehensive approach to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”